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Treatment of natural waters

Treatment of surface and underground natural waters for drinking and technological needs.
Natural waters must meet the necessary regulatory and technological quality requirements, depending on the purpose of their use. Most often these requirements are achieved after appropriate physical and / or physicochemical treatment.

The regulatory requirements for water quality used for drinking and household purposes are regulated by Bulgarian and European legislation:

We design projects for drinking and process water treatment plants in all parts and design phases. If necessary, our team can help to determine the quality of the water from the water source.

Examples of choice of purification scheme, depending on flowrate:

Pressurized sand filtration in small treatment plants for individual residential buildings and complexes, for small settlements.

Non-pressure filtration through a granular bed at large purification stations.

Depending on the quality of the water and its variation over the seasons, purification can only be reduced to decontamination of water using disinfectants or other appropriate methods.