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Treatment waste water

Treatment of household and technological waste water before discharge into the receiving water.
Waste water from households and various types of production beyond urban boundaries (urbanized areas) should undergo a mandatory physical and / or biological treatment before being taken to the receiving water. In some cases such treatment is also required for heavily polluted industrial wastewater that is discharged into the city sewage system.
We design projects for domestic and technological wastewater treatment plants in all parts and design phases. If necessary, our team can help to determine the quality of the waste water.

Examples of choice of purification scheme, depending on flowrate:

Small modular water treatment plants for single-family houses – ready-made commercial product / source ACO /

Modular wastewater treatment plants for multi-family houses and complexes – ready-made commercial product / source ACO /

In the event that the assignor does not want to use ready-made commercial products, we can prepare an individual project for a treatment plant that is tailored to the specific needs.