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Building Plumbing Installations and house connections

Design of building plumbing and fire-fighting installations for new construction and reconstruction. Design of water and sewer house connections.
Good design solutions are the foundation of a long-lasting, trouble-free and inexpensive operation of building plumbing and sewerage systems. Construction of water and sewer house connections to the urban infrastructure is necessary for all new buildings and sometimes for those that have undergone a major reconstruction when changing their use.
We prepare projects for all parts and phases of the investment design required for the issuance of a building permit for:
✓ Plumbing installations in new buildings (including new building deviations);
✓ Sprinkler installations;
✓ Reconstruction of plumbing installations in existing buildings;
✓ House connections to the water main;
✓ House connections to the sewer main.

If necessary, our team performs filming of existing plumbing installations.

All design decisions can be made on Autodesk Revit.